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Executive Director -- Carole Sturgis

Carole was one of the individuals who helped organize OARS in 1992, and she has acted as the Executive Director ever since. When she and her partner moved to Arkansas in 1989 there was very little being done to assist those who were HIV positive or had AIDS.

Having worked with the AIDS organization in Washington, DC, she knew the advantages of having a coordinated effort, and OARS has been "up and running" ever since.

Carole received her Master's Degree from the University of Maryland and continued working toward her Doctorate there . . . she says she still might get it if she ever finds the time, and then she laughs! Her art work is seen in many collections and galleries, and one of her Ukrainian Eggs that was exhibited at the White House is now at the Smithsonian Institution. You can view her jewelry on her web site: www.carolesturgis.com. Carole has been teaching quilting "forever" and is currently teaching throughout the United States. Locally she teaches at Sew in Heaven (Holiday Island).

She's been known to sing a tune or two. She was selected as one of the ten most admired women in Carroll County. When you don't find her behind a computer or petting her critters, you might find her in her art studio.

Clinic Director -- Charles R. Horton, MD



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Professional Affiliations

Lab Technician -- Neta Sue Stamps

Neta Sue is a native of Berryville and graduated from Hendrix College. She and her husband returned to Berryville in 1992. For many years she worked at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. After that, she worked in the lab at St. John's Hospital -Berryville on a part time basis and is a Past President of the Hospital's Auxiliary. As a member of the Community Care Team, she is always ready to help with the displays at the County Fair, the World AIDS Day Remembrance Programs, and other projects taken on by this group. Neta Sue is a past member of the OARS Board of Directors, and has served as the Lab Technician for our OARS Clinic for several years. She is always there with her "can do" attitude and willingness to take on "just one more task" even when her plate is full.

Clinic Assistant -- Patty Clark

Patty started nursing in 1982 as an LPN. She graduated RN school in 1990 from NACC, and has worked a range of fields including OB and ER. She now currently works at Mercy Clinic in Berryville, and with OARS.