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Ozarks AIDS Resources and Services

OARS Officers and Board of Directors

OARS Board Members


Back row, left to right: Fred Halper, Gene Burch, Greg Hein, Mary Lou Harp
Front row, left to right: Becky Halper, Lisa Ramirez, Sherri Plumlee
(Note pictured: Allen Rogers)

Executive Director
Carole L Sturgis

Clinic Director
Charles R Horton, MD

Clinic Coordinator
Neta Sue Stamps

Clinic Assistant
Patty Clark, RN

President -- Anna Hull
Vice President -- Ann Weymouth
Secretary -- Peggy Way
Treasurer -- Bill Croft

OARS Officers

Officers pictured left to right: Anna Hull, President; Peggy Way, Secretary; Ann Weymouth, Vice President; Bill Croft, Treasurer

Board Members:
Gene Burch
Fred Halper
Greg Hein
Lisa Ramirez
Allen Rogers

Alternate Board Members:
Mary Lou Harp

Volunteers -- Becky Halper
Education -- Sherri Plumlee

Back row: Neta Sue Stamps (Clinic Coordinator), Fred Halper (Board Member), Gene Burch (Board Member), Greg Hein (Board Member), Mary Lou Harp (Alternate Board Member), Patty Clark (Clinic Assistant).
Middle Row: Becky Halper (Volunteer Coordinator), Lisa Ramirez (Board Member), Sherri Plumlee (Education Coordinator).
Front Row: Peggy Way (Secretary), Carole Sturgis (Executive Director), Anna Hull (President), Ann Weymouth (Vice President), Bill Croft (Treasurer).
Not pictured: Allen Rogers (Board Member), and Charles Horton (Clinic Director).